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A beautiful collection of traditional and contemporary Scottish folk tunes, and featuring one of Claire’s own compositions, the record is a charmingly wholesome listen and is inspired by her daughter Nuala.


Claire adds: “I wanted to create a chilled folk album of lullabies, not just for families with children, but for everyone to enjoy. In my opinion, lullabies are about more than singing a baby to sleep; they are an important part of passing on cultural knowledge and tradition. The perfect way to listen to the album would be to curl up with a cup of tea or glass of wine, and I really hope listeners will enjoy this more laid back offering.”


Adding to Claire’s vocals and ukulele on the album are Tina Jordan Rees on piano and flute, Charlie Stewart on fiddle and double bass, Signy Jakobsdottir on percussion, Alice Allen on cello, Tom Gibbs on piano and Innes White on guitar and who also produced the record. Recorded and mixed by Carla Feuerstein at GloWormRecording and mastered by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves.


“Lullabies from Scotland, with its enchanting and heartfelt tunes, captivates both infants and grown-ups, offering comfort and joy in equal measure. A delightful, evocative treasure for all.” TRADFOLK


The physical album comes as a 4-panel digisleeve with 8 page lyric booklet.


Illustration by Fiona Black, design by Michael Mearns.

Lullabies from Scotland - Physical CD

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